Were you a former player on Absolute Poker or UB.com? If so, you may now be able to get your bankroll back!

The DOJ announced last week that they are now beginning the remission process for Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet players who had their accounts seized.

AP and UB were the only online poker sites that had failed to repay their players after the Black Friday shutdown of 2011.

This remission process will finally bring closure to players who likely thought they'd never get their money from the defunct site. 

Garden City Group in Charge of Remission Process

The DOJ issued a press release on Monday announcing that Garden City Group is in charge of the AP remission process. GCG launched absolutepokerclaims.com and has begun processing requests.

If you have an AP or UB balance, you should receive an email from GCG to file a petition. Check your spam folders if you've yet to get one.

Those of you that would rather not wait for the email can go to the website and enter your AP or UB username and the email used when playing on the site.

After entering additional information, you will be presented with your last known balance on the site. If you agree with the amount, finish filing the claim. Otherwise you will need to upload proof of what you believe the balance should be.

Players May or May Not Get All Their Money Back

At this point it's unknown whether former players will get all of their bankrolls back or just a portion. According to the terms listed on the remission site players will be refunded up to the amount of funds forfeited by AP.

If the amount of requests exceeds that amount, players will be refunded on a pro rata basis. That could result in players getting only pennies on the dollar.

Act Fast - Time for Remission is Limited

If you would like to fill out a remission claim, you need to go ahead and do so. The website lists the deadline for claims as June 9, 2017.

Considering that AP and UB were nowhere near as large a company as Full Tilt, don't expect GCG to offer extensions to this deadline. We urge all former players to go to absolutepokerclaims.com and fill out a claim for remission ASAP to ensure your place in line.