Seven-Card Stud Hi-Lo is one of the few non-Hold'em games you will still see offered in many live tournament sets.

As such a majority of newer Stud 8 players have honed their skill set toward tournaments.

When these same players enter cash games, they sometimes have a bit of a learning curve or are surprised at how differently the game seems to play.

The reality is that the game isn't being played differently but rather you're seeing a few moves that you don't normally see often in cash games.

Below are three moves you see more often in Stud Hi-Lo cash games over tournaments.

1. More Completions and Raising On Third

The first thing you're going to notice in most Stud 8 cash games over tournaments is that there's a lot more action on third street compared to tournaments.

Since chips are so important in tournaments, you aren't going to see some players make a completion with strong three card lows as often as in cash games.

You will see aces and sometimes other big pairs raises on third street but when someone raises with a three low, they are usually a short stack or someone that is playing with a cash-game mentality.

2. More Betting of Four-Card Lows

Something you will see much more frequently in cash games over tournaments are players that bet their four-card low draws.

While it is correct to bet a four-card low to push out weaker hands and put the high hands on notice, tournament players don't take advantage of this as often, especially as the betting limits rise.

Someone betting into your with a 2-7 showing on fourth in a cash game likely has a four card seven rather than trip sevens.

3. High Hands Are Played More Often

Although not an optimal play, you will see players enter pots with high pairs and other high starter hands.

It is not uncommon to see a high hand enter a pot, or even raise, against other hands going low.

A lot of times, these types of players are going to be the action players at the table and can have huge swings in both directions.

You hope to have one or more of this type of player in your pot when you finally get a scoop capable hand.